Gear and Setup


If you have ever wondered what I use to code with and are interested in what the specs of my machines are. This page will tell you, the answer to your question is probably down below.

If in any case it's not here, create a pull request on this repository or hit me up on Twitter or if you are also using Instagram you send me a DM on that as well.


  • Custom desktop pc (Ryzen 7 octa core, 32Gb Ram, Radeon RX 580 GPU, 1TB NVMe SSD)
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • Logitech MX Master 2s
  • Moonlander spilt Keyboard
  • Bose 35QC II Headphones (love these!!)
  • Autonomous SmartDesk 2
  • LG 34" 5K - Main monitor
  • Dell 24" Full HD - Secondary monitor


  • Neovim - I keep coming back to vim and now (2021) I'm not going back to VScode.
  • Windows Terminal - This Terminal emulator is one of the best I have used and using Powershell 7.1 it's only getting better.
  • Alacritty - I use Alacritty for WSL and for my current setup on Ubuntu check out that section below.
  • Obsidian - Notes keeping app.
  • Notion - Todo lists, workout schedule, and a lot more. Notion is pretty versatile.
  • Figma - Design app.
  • VScode - Sometimes its nice
  • Chrome


  • Neovim - This is the only way I edit files
  • Fish - I love fishing for commands
  • Docker - Containerization
  • Kubernetes - A container orchestration tool
  • Ansible - This is the easiest way to automate the setup of Linux environments the in cloud or on-premises
  • Terraform - Infrastructure as code, for personal and work related infrastructure creation
  • Tmux - Because one terminal is never enough


  • Vanmoof Smart S (Bike) - I'm dutch, I bike everywhere!😂
  • My Protein - My protein brand of choice, use my discount code KOEN-RU2

If you want to check out a more up to date version of my apps and look around in my configurations (nvim, tmux, vscode, fish) check out my Dotfiles.

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